The M.V.P. of the Entertainment Industry
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Our music division has a new organization called TEAM MC which creates placement, studio and touring opportunities for musicians, songwriters and producers through auditions, pitch meetings and collab sessions. Our strengths lie in the genres of Pop, Urban and Rock, yet we are open to all types of music.  We consult clients and guide them through the creative process by providing management services, legal representation, artist development, studio resources, PR and more.


Collab Sessions
Our company will set up studio sessions for musicians, songwriters and producers to create music for major opportunities. Often these sessions actually involve a major/established artist who is currently looking for new material and is open to working with our clients in the studio.
Pitch and Place
Once Soundtrack Entertainment, LLC is presented with a track that is an undeniable hit, we then set up meetings with A&R, publishing companies, record labels and music supervisors to hopefully place the track on an album, in a TV show and/or major film.
Our touring service provides musicians with various opportunities to present their musical skills to tour managers, music directors and record labels for placements on major tours.