The M.V.P. of the Entertainment Industry
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In order to have an amazing event, you must have an extraordinary atmosphere. Soundtrack has recently transitioned into venue development to create state of the art facilities across the world. Our Venue Division activates, plans, researches, analyzes, manages, designs, constructs, commissions and programs all the necessary components to developing an entertainment venue. Along with creating our own music facilities, we also have begun the process of creating affordable housing developments that will truly benefit up and coming musicians in the Nashville area as well as others in the community.


Project Orientation & Fieldwork
We meet with city officials, consumers, existing facilities, key stakeholders and tourism representatives to discuss ideas, consumer feedback, gather data, perform surveys and begin the conceptual process.
Concept Development
We take the results of the project orientation and fieldwork and develop a facility that we believe is best fitting for the area. We create a name for the venue/development, perform a rough draft design of the layout and develop the building amenities.
Facility Programming
Determine the appropriate market niche for the proposed development and create programming amenities and promotional ideas.
Market Analysis
Review key market variables and economic and demographic data. Finalize a report that hopefully shows the positive economic impact on the potential development
Comparable and Competitive Analysis
Benchmark and compile operating data on facilities (local and national) with a similar operating model to the potential development.
Demand/Attendance Projections
Quantify data to prove that there is a strong demand for the development via consumer spending data, lifestyle data, population based data, market potential information etc.
Site Analysis
Based on specific criteria, we will assess various sites that may be appropriate for the recommended facility development. The evaluation involves variables that help determine Marketability, Transportation, Constructability, Urban Impact, Access, Circulation and Parking.
Industry Research
Description of industry status and assessment of the implications of industry trends for the proposed new development
Feasibility Study
This will be performed to determine the proposed development has economic justification factors that we will consider in the analysis which include: Return on Investment, Return on Equity and Return on Assets
Financial Projections
Estimate revenue and expense annually over the 5 year projection period. Financial projections will include a detailed line-by-line account of all revenue sources and expenses.
Joint Venture Structuring
We will collect all data and place it into a Market Analysis and Feasibility Study to present to investors and other professionals. Once investors express serious interest meetings will be held with all legal councils involved in order to execute the necessary contracts and agreements.
Asset Management and Operations
We will research and find potential management companies and operators that will best fit the needs and goals of the development.
Property Management
We have access to an experienced property management team that will handle the building's tenant leases, rent, maintenance, repairs, budget, taxes, marketing etc.
Branding Evaluation
We partner with other professionals to quantify the overall impact of a brand and partly to convert it to monetary terms by evaluating the tangible and intangible assets of the potential development.
Naming Rights and Exclusive Sponsorships
We partner with other professionals to maximize the developments revenues across the planned property. Consultation starts at the beginning of the project to completion, providing all joint venture partners with services ranging from pro forma budgets and annual promotions to signage installation and naming rights negotiation.
Marketing Campaign
We will put forth extreme efforts to increase awareness for the development on a local, regional and/or national level. We will promote the development through different mediums such as: press, print, radio, TV, social media, word of mouth, demonstrations and interactive techniques.
Sales and or Leasing
When selling, we will provide a comprehensive overview on the current status of the development and we will market the property to a local and national audience. When leasing, An in-depth knowledge of the local market, a high level of broker cooperation and networking and an aggressive multi level marketing program, are all channeled toward the culmination of a successful lease agreement.